What to Look for when choosing a Camera for Travel?

 If you are looking for adventure during your next trip, then you will need a good travel camera to capture all the memories. It will help you relive your memories and you will enjoy discovering new attractions via the lens. And even though modern high-end phones have incredible cameras, they have some limitations. These limitations make it harder to explore your creativity; therefore, you need a high-quality camera.

You can get a good DSLR or Mirrorless camera for $500 or lower. And if you decide to raise your budget a bit, you will have a camera that will withstand years of usage. So, which are the best cameras for travel and how do you choose one?

Top Ten Professional Cameras for Travel

Canon G7X III

Olympus OM-DE M-1 Mark III Camera

Fuji X-T20

Canon EOS Rebel SL3/250D

Sony RX100 VII

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS 

Sony A7 III

Nikon D3500

Panasonic Lumix ZS70

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX99

 Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Travel Camera

 Travelling and cameras are long-term companions since they complement each other. And with the above cameras, you will keep the memories of every vacation in digital form or even create photobooks. When looking for a travel camera, check the following factors:

Camera’s Quality and Features 

The quality of the images is the major consideration when choosing a travel camera. Digital cameras are reliable and better than a typical phone camera. With a high-quality image, you can produce quality images and even upload them to your phone via Wi-Fi. The camera should also have more megapixels to ensure higher details and cropping of images without quality reduction. 

Additionally, a medium zoom lens enables you to take pictures of people or wildlife that are far away. Don’t go for a higher zoom lens, as this will mean a bulkier camera. Overall, the camera should let you zoom without changing the lens and also support 1080P or 4K video shooting 

Ease of Carrying

  As a traveler, you are constantly on the road and therefore require a lightweight and portable camera. A bulky or heavy camera is not your ideal choice since carrying it will be a burden. Besides, you won’t get tired of walking with a lighter camera, and you will be freer with your hands to carry other items.


 Most travellers are not experienced with complex features unlike professional photographers. Therefore, a camera that produces the best images without much tweaking is your perfect choice. Most consumers consider the ease of use of digital cameras when buying. Luckily, most modern cameras are user-friendly and are powerful than the predecessors. 


 Will the camera remain in good condition when exposed to rain or other weather elements? As a traveler, your destinations could have different forms of weather, and it's important to buy a camera that can withstand the dust and moisture well. This is also important when visiting a wet or dusty environment. 


 If you are looking for the best travel camera, then you’ll never go wrong with the options above. They are lightweight, high-quality, and produce the best images. They will also serve you for longer and enable you to take images or videos in different modes.